Coconut & Lime Scented Candle

Coconut & Lime Scented Candle

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We love this irresistible blend of zesty lime and tropical coconut!! It's our go-to for the ultimate in refreshing treats. Nothing else reminds us of summer in the sun, the unique blend of tarte citrus and smooth coconut is truly exotic.

Our hand-poured Coconut & Lime Scented Candle transports us to exotic and distant shores bathed in sun. Because we'd love to share this experience with you, we created a candle containing fragrances of zingy lime and creamy coconut.

Fragrance Mood: Citrus

  • Natural wax
  • Contains high quality fragrance and essential oils
  • Lead-free cotton wick      
  • Up to 40 hour burn-time
  • Net weight 220g

Care & Safety: Never leave burning candles unattended.